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APTRON Gurgaon the main Hadoop training Institute in Gurgaon with great expertise in Hadoop. Being one of the fastest developing technologies in the business industry, Hadoop is the big essential technology to stand tall in the quickly developing competitors in the market.We provide  Hadoop Training in Gurgaon     in a wide variety of ways. Indeed, we make sure that individual students get attention from our experienced Big Data Faculty trainers with the goal that they can understand the technology well.

We even explain questions and direct regular tests to ensure that each student has a clear idea of what they have learned from us. Hence, it will pave the path for their success. We believe that our success lies in the progress of our students.

It is pivotal that people associated with the IT industry realize the inside out of this technology. Hence, Hadoop Training in Gurgaon is there to cater to the needs. APTRON Gurgaon is one of the leading providers of Apache Hadoop training in Gurgaon, and our training course is designed in such a manner in this way, that each student gets to know the technology inside out.

Hadoop Course Highlights


•           The program comes with a front line industry-aligned educational plan.


•           Course can be rendered in two modes: Classroom and Online training, utilizing the practical hands-on learning methodology.


•           100% Placement, Internship and Live Project assistance by industry's professionals.


•           Students will be provided Videos, Backup Classes, Revision Classes, Assignments and projects.


•           Candidate will be provided with the APTRON Gurgaon Certificate


•           Deep understanding of Big Data Analytics alongside business perspectives and front line Practices


Aside from personal training, we likewise offer big data training for project managers. This is to make sure that even professionals can join our class from their home, as per their convenience. We have a separate gathering of trained professionals that direct these training classes, and they generally make the best effort in instilling the best values in students. We believe that the best thing about us is the affordable evaluating strategy so it is possible for every student to attend our training courses.


Course Objectives


The Course goes with the expect to understand key concepts about:


•           HDFS and MapReduce Framework


•           Architecture of Hadoop 2.x


•           To write Complex MapReduce Programs and Set Up Hadoop Cluster


•           Making Data Analytics by utilizing Pig, Hive and Yarn


•           Sqoop and Flume for learning Data Loading Techniques


•           Implementation of integration by HBase and MapReduce


•           To implement Indexing and Advanced Usage


•           To Schedule jobs with the use of Oozie application


•           To implement best practices for Hadoop Development Program


•           Working on Real Life Projects basing on Big Data Analytics


Numerous IT industry competitors are searching for the online course by any Hadoop training Institute in Gurgaon. Numerous business experts analyze that, 2015 will be the Emerging year for Hadoop. Following industry professionals must be well in verse in this course:


•           Analytics Professionals


•           For BI/ETL/DW Professionals


•           Project Managers of IT Firms


•           Software Testing Professionals


•           Mainframe Professionals


•           Software Developers


•           Aspirants of Big Data Services


•           System Administrators


•           Graduates


•           Data Warehousing Professionals


•           Business Intelligence Professionals


Why learn Big Data and Hadoop?


In all aspects, Hadoop is an essential element for companies handling with loads of data. Hadoop business experts predict that, 2015 will be the year where both the companies and professionals begin to bank upon to scramble for authoritative scope and career opportunities. With the data exploding caused due to immense digitalization, big data and Hadoop are promising software that permit data management in smarter manners.


Salary Packages For Hadoop Professionals:

The salaries for Hadoop professionals are quite higher compared to the IT professionals from the other technologies. Shortage of Hadoop skills is the primary reason why there is such a high exclusive demand for experts in Hadoop. A fresher in Hadoop can easily draw 4-10 lakhs per year based on the skills he possesses. An experienced professional can easily expect packages going from 15-20 lakhs every year.

Interested in becoming a highest paid professional in this Big Data technology of Hadoop? Provided that this is true, be a piece of this APTRON Gurgaon leading Big Data certification program of  Hadoop Course in Gurgaon     by experts and get transformed into industry-ready professionals when of your course completion.

Career Opportunities in Hadoop

With the ubiquity of Big Data increasing exponentially, opportunities as Hadoop administrators/specialists/analytics has been developing in all significant industry sectors like Financial application, Enterprise processing, Business Service sector etc. Training programs on Hadoop technology by APTRON Gurgaon focuses on empowering the students with the latest concepts and industry specific points. Our well experienced trainer and well planned course materials ensures for 100% success in interviews.

Why APTRON Gurgaon for Big Data Hadoop Training in Gurgaon?


•           Right blend of theory and practical applications


•           Hands on project work training experience


•           Intensive workshop oriented training


•           Customized training arrangement based on career way


•           Placement Support

Hadoop course is one of the emerging technologies courses now in current days, If you are searching for a trending technologies and hot jobs Hadoop training course is one such course.


Hadoop is considered one of the best open source technologies which handle complex data applications. Hadoop provides massive storage of any sort of data. The programming on Hadoop should be possible on many programming technologies like Python and JAVA etc


Job Titles for Hadoop Professionals after Big Data Hadoop Training in Gurgaon


•           Hadoop Architect


•           Hadoop Developer


•           Hadoop Scientist


•           Hadoop Administrator


•           Hadoop Engineer


•           Hadoop Analysts


APTRON Gurgaon is one of the best institute in giving adequate practical training to complement your theory knowledge, which merits your investment and comparatively better than other comparative institutes in Gurgaon. We help you in successfully achieving practical training utilizing state-of-the-workmanship Hadoop virtual software installed in your system (Desktop or Laptop). A decent internet connection is required to get any help from the software bolster team. You have the choice to execute practical sessions and hadoop interview questions either from your system or leveraging our remote training sessions to get an enriched learning experience.

APTRON Gurgaon is the Google certified and Award-winning institute for rendering the best classroom training, online and E-Learning training in Gurgaon, India. We stand first at preparing for developments and giving the complete spectrum of Best Hadoop Training Course in Gurgaon.


Hadoop Big Data Certification | Big data training and placement in Gurgaon


We have heaps of things for you. Once the training process is complete, APTRON Gurgaon will help you with the placement assistance too. We offer job assistance to every one of our trainees with the goal that they are placed in the first class MNC's in the IT industry. We can assure you that proper training and certification from our establishment will help you develop a brilliant and successful career with high paying salaries. Accordingly, the time has come to make a move.

In this way, on the off chance that you are planning to take a course in Hadoop, call to  Hadoop Institute in Gurgaon   once, converse with Hadoop advisor directly before attending a Demo. We are here to help your IT career. Planning For Hadoop Certification, Our Training gives 100% guarantee to pass.